Aug 05

Community Resource Act (CRA) Grant

Community Resource Act (CRA) grant applications are due by October 15, 2008

This program is designed to help organizations develop education programs for their community.

UFM is the model that is use by many communities to develop their programs. UFM Community Learning Center was started in 1968 in Manhattan by a group of K-State students and faculty. Based on the philosophy that everyone can learn and everyone can teach, UFM provides opportunities for lifelong learning and personal development.

This program provides state mini-grants and technical support for a uniquely Kansas approach to community development and joint learning.  The program is designed to meet the educational, recreational, social, and cultural needs of a community.

Eligible organizations are local non-profit organizations, institutions, service agencies, or groups primarily concerned with the general welfare of the community which are organized for the purpose of establishing and operating community resource programs, and community education programs.

The Community Resource Act (CRA) Program is administered by Kansas State University, Division of Continuing Education, through UFM Community Learning Center.  As an outreach program of UFM and the Division of Continuing Education, CRA strives to promote life-long learning throughout the state of Kansas.

For more information about UFM and the CRA Program, call (785) 539-8763 or e-mail Charlene Brownson at cmb@ksu.edu www@tryufm.org

Thank you,

Charlene Brownson


Community Outreach Coordinator

1221 Thurston Street

Manhattan, KS 66502

Phone: (785) 539-8763

Fax: (785) 539-9460

E-Mail: cmb@k-state.edu

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