Snapshop Day 2011

The Kansas Library Association, the Kansas Association of School Libraries, and the State Library of Kansas are joining forces to plan SnapShot: A Day in the Life of Kansas Libraries during the week of November 13-19. Have you penciled in your date on the Library’s calendar?

SnapShot is an American Library Association-sponsored event with a focus on collecting data on your library’s use.  Simple collection of how many visits, how many items circulated, and comments from patrons, are all based on one day in your library.  It’s easy, the day can be any day, between November 13 and 19.  Libraries will report their numbers to us and we’ll compile for use with legislators, county commissions, city councils and other stakeholders. It’s a way to remind governmental bodies of how important the library is to their community. Attached is the flyer the State Library developed to feature the 2010 data.

We want to give libraries and librarians plenty of time to plan for the fall event by scheduling special programs or other library activities. You’ll note that this also happens to be Kansas Reads to Preschoolers Week, which will coincide with many children’s programs that may already be planned.  You’ll find all the materials updated on the page.

If you have questions or need help, don’t hesitate to call us.

Janie Rutherford, 785-291-3230 or
Peter Haxton, 785-296-2008 or
Barbara Bahm, 913-845-2627 or <a href="mailto:BBah

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