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Pin.  What is it?

A nursing graduation pin is a time-honored symbol of the dedication and skill that is demonstrated when a graduating nurse successfully completes a rigorous nursing curriculum. In addition to graduating as a nurse and getting your pin, you can pin an application to the task bar and or start menu of your computer for ease of use and quickness of access to the application.

pinning present participle of pin (Verb)

  1. Attach with a pin or pins.
  2. Fasten (something) with a pin or pins in a specified position
  • See here, how you can pin applications to start on your taskbar, and you can pin applications to start on your start menu.
  • If you use Internet Explorer 9, you can pin places on the internet that you go to often, to your taskbar.
  • Using Google Chrome, pinning is one feature.
  • And, you can pin in Firefox, as well, but don’t stop there.
  • Check out  If you are talking about pinning, it’s fitting.  Pinterest is an online pinboard for things people love and to share.

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