Tech Tuesday: the Cloud

My files, my files:  easy backup, access and sharing using Dropbox for your file storage in the Cloud.

Alta Vista Clouds

Clouds near Alta Vista KS

How to use….
Dropbox allows you to work with files on your computer (laptop, smart phone or tablet) and have those same files automatically backed up (or synced) to your Dropbox account.

Why use.
If you install Dropbox on multiple devices (desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet ) then those files are on each of those devices.  One might consider this a multiple backup system.

You can access your files from any other device if you log on to your Dropbox account.

You can choose to share some of your files by sharing a folder in your dropbox with another.

Go to  to get started.

More Help or more questions? Megan or Richard are happy to assist.
Show the dropbox video  (about 3 – minutes)

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