Technology Grants – 2013

NCKLS is again offering Technology grants for the 2013 calendar year.

Technology grants are available to NCKLS member libraries in the 8 taxing counties of Washington, Marshall, Clay, Riley, Dickinson, Morris, Marion and Chase. Libraries may apply for a grant by completing the on-line the 2013 Technology Grant application. Only online applications will be accepted

NCKLS sets aside $10,000 each year to fund matching grants for technology purchases. Grants of up to $1000 each can be made to individual libraries. The amount of matching money provided by the library will be based on the library’s annual budget. See the Technology Grant Guidelines for more details.

Go to the Tech Grant Guidelines.

Go to the 2013 online application.

Questions regarding the grant should be sent to Carol or Linda. For help in pricing equipment and software for the grant, contact Richard or Megan.

Page update: Jan 22 2013

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