A Shocking Story for All Staff: Ground Yourself for Safety!

Library Computer Technician Dan Ross offers a word of caution about steps to take before turning on your computer or other electrical equipment—at work or home. A recent problem with a staff printer revealed that a buildup of static electricity caused sheets of paper to stick together, jamming the process.

Cold weather and the extended hours of heating dries the air in the libraries, creating an environment for risk of static buildup and discharge. Dan offers an explanation and some tips to prevent damage to your work electronics:

What static discharge can do, and how to find out more.

How to guard against Electrostatic Discharge

There are numerous ways to protect work area electronics against static charge. Most of these methods are used in high-tech work places and aren’t normally used in our library spaces. Here are some steps we should take to reduce the risk of damage to our computers, monitors, printers, scanners in the Library District.

    • Wear clothing that is less likely to accumulate static charge. Polyester, acetate and wool fabrics easily accumulate static charges, whereas as cotton is less likely to accumulate the static charges necessary for ESD.
    • Touch the door handle, file cabinet or anything metal as you walk into your work space before before you touch your computer to turn it on. That grounds you, and will discharge any static buildup you have.


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