Your Library’s Very Own Little Free Library

If you’ve heard about the Little Free Library movement that’s springing up around the nation, you may have felt like it was competition for your own library. But, perhaps, you could think of it as a branch?

A number of libraries have created their own small libraries at locations outside the library walls, such as at the local pool or grocery store. These small collections work like the Little Free Libraries, with a take-one-leave-one honor system that allows community members to share books with one another and find something new to read even when the library is closed.

Small Circulation Library

The Lincolnwood Public Library District’s pool “library.”

Public libraries are calling these small collections anything from community book shelves to “share the love” collections and are building them out of donated books, extra copies of one-time bestsellers, and even weeded items. Since the whole process works on the honor system and requires no library cards, you can house the books anywhere, reach everyone, and earn some extra recognition for your library simply by placing a library logo somewhere on the shelf you use to store the books.

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