Have you heard the buzz about Teen Media Use?

LOGO_Common_Sense_Media-250x250-c-defaultThe Common Sense organization recently released a report entitled “Common Sense Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens.” The report looks at and analyzes teen and tween media use based on a large-scale study that explores young people’s use of a full range of media and technology. The report offers a comprehensive picture of the use of media by kids, age 8 to 18 in the U.S., and it may not come as a surprise, but media use is HIGH.

To see highlights or the full report, visit the Common Sense website. You will need to create an account, but it’s free.

Since some of the findings are pretty surprising—like the statistic that teens are using media an average of 9 hours a day not including the time spent for school and homework—they are getting a lot of media attention. The “Diane Rhem Show” focused on the topic this week and provided some good resources for thinking about and managing teen and tween media use, including these tips sheets from the Center on Media and Child Health. This website also has an “Ask the Mediatrician” page where parents can ask a doctor questions about their child’s media use.

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