Promote Your Library with a Painted Rock Hunt

Heard of Friendship Rocks?


Sort of like geocaching, this fad has people hiding painted rocks around their communities. When someone finds a painted rock, they can share a picture on social media and then re-hide the rock at a new spot. Some libraries are turning this into a PR campaign, and it’s super easy to do.


  1. Paint some rocks. You can do this yourself, with volunteers, or as a program. Be sure all the rocks have the name or initials of your library somewhere on them.
  2. Hide the rocks around your community. Again, you can do this by yourself, with volunteers, or as a program.
  3. Make a splash on your library’s website and Facebook page about the rocks.
  4. Offer a small prize to people who find the rocks and bring them into the library. This can be something simple like, taking their picture with the rock and posting it to your website/Facebook page.
  5. Ask them to hide the rock somewhere new.

Need some rock painting ideas? Check out these websites:

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