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August 2021 News

Suspenseful Summer Reading for Adults
Reviewed by Marcy Allen

Of course, adults enjoy summer reading, too!  Seems like a great time to catch up titles we’ve missed during the year, or try some new authors we’ve just discovered.  If you are one of those many readers who craves some new suspenseful fictional reading, I’ve some suggestions for you.  I believe you will be captivated by the complications and solutions these must-reads offer. With so many new and thrilling titles arriving, we should all enjoy good reads this summer. Let’s get to it!

  • Fallen by Linda Castillo is actually the 13th volume in the ever-popular Chief of Police

Kate Burkholder series.  Crime never stops in the community of Painters Mill, and the townspeople of this small Amish community are shocked when Rachael Schwartz, who fled the community as a young woman, is savagely murdered at a local motel.  Kate actually knew Rachael many years ago, and flashbacks throughout the book key us in to young Rachael’s rebellious behavior.  Now Kate must unravel the tangled threads of the past to determine who was desperate enough to take the woman’s life.

  • Hostage by Claire Mackintosh is enough to distract you from any tasks you were planning!  Flight attendant Mina is embarking on a long non-stop journey from London to Sydney.  In order to make the trip, Mina has left her young daughter in the care of her husband, whose shady behavior has caused the couple to separate.  But events on the flight begin to look ominous when Kate finds her daughter’s EpiPen on board and also receives a threatening note.  Can Mina face the fact that someone wants her to jeopardize the safety of all the passengers aboard the plane, or are there actions that she could take to thwart some kind of conspiracy?  This exciting story has an ending you will never anticipate.
  • The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave poses a difficult question:  What do you do when your beloved husband of one year disappears and leaves you with a note directing you to protect your stepdaughter?  Hannah Hall realizes she must care for husband Owen’s sullen sixteen-year-old daughter, but law enforcement officers are aggressively pursuing Owen’s disappearance and learning that Owen is not at all what he insisted he was.  Bewildered by these sudden events, Laura and the stepdaughter embark on their own investigation into Owen’s whereabouts and discover the frightening complications of a shadowy past.
  • Suburban Dicks by Fabian Nicieza combines humor with long-hidden crimes into one fine mystery.  Hugely pregnant Andie Stern had a promising career as an FBI profiler, but she gave that up when she married.  Now her life and her minivan are filled with kids, until she stumbles upon the aftermath of a puzzling shooting at a local gas station.  When local police do a haphazard investigation of the crime, Andie spots all kinds of mistakes, and she begins her own investigation, aided by failed journalist Kenneth Lee who desperately needs a big story.  This odd pairing of sleuths uncovers some really nasty events from the past.

2021 Annual Meeting of the NCKLS System Board

The annual meeting of the North Central Kansas Libraries System (NCKLS) will be held on Thursday, August 26, online via Zoom. Information has been mailed to each of the 64 of representatives of NCKLS libraries and counties. The notice of meeting and additional information may be found at  The budget hearing and annual meeting will be preceded by the Revenue Neutral Rate Hearing.

It is important that the representative from each library attend to vote on the Revenue Neutral Rate, the 2022 Budget and the 2022 Service Plan. If you have not responded to the RSVP request, please do so to confirm we can count on your support or make accommodations as required.

The core services of regional systems remain consistent through change and challenges and include:

  1. Consulting services to provide information to librarians and trustees to manage the breadth of library operations across diverse communities.
  2. Resources and assistance to support lifelong learning.
  3. Support for the educational needs of staff and boards to meet the Kansas Public Library Standards.
  4. Support for technology needs to meet hardware, software, network and security needs of member libraries.
  5. Support and resources for system-wide sharing resource sharing of print and digital materials.
  6. Grants and financial support to public libraries in taxing counties to support basic services and encourage innovation.

The 2022 budget will support the goals and services and allow for continued support for grants, support for the NORCAT regional catalog.  At the conclusion of the meeting, NCKLS staff will present an overview of services. NCKLS remains committed to supporting libraries and the communities in the region. Please contact NCKLS at 1-800-432-2796 for more information.

KLA announces Health and Wellness Grant

KLA is pleased to announce the availability of the Kansas Library Association Health and Wellness Grant, thanks to funding that KLA received in 2019 from the Kansas Health Foundation. The purpose of this grant is to provide funding for libraries in Kansas to implement projects designed to address the health and wellness needs of their staff.

Amount of Funding

$5000 Grant – Three available at this level

$1000 Grant – Ten available at this level

Applications are due by September 15, 2021 at midnight.  

For more information, including eligibility requirements and application link, please visit the Kansas Library Association’s website –

If you have any questions, please contact a committee member.

Posted on behalf of the KLA Health And Wellness Grant Committee : Margie Sheppard, Royce Kitts, Robin Newell

Network of the National Library of Medicine offers CE opportunities

On May 1, 2021, the Network of the National Library of Medicine (NNLM) began five-year cooperative agreements with seven institutions across the United States to conduct regional and national outreach programs to improve community health.

The University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) is host to the newly formed NNLM Region 3, and we’re so excited to serve those of you in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.

We currently have free continuing education and funding opportunities available. While the NNLM website will soon be updated to show these changes, you can visit us at for more information.

Many of you are familiar with us, but if you’re not, we support and work with all kinds of organizations that conduct programming or have an interest in promoting health and wellness in their communities. This includes Area Health Education Center (AHECs), tribal organizations, hospitals, public health departments, K-12 schools, and, of course, libraries.

While we’re still starting up, please join our mailing list or get in touch with anyone on our team to find out more.

We’re here to serve you, and we appreciate your help in forwarding this email to your contacts and partners who might be interested in being involved with the NNLM.

Spending Deadline December 10, 2021

We’re at the half-way point in the year and you should also be halfway through spending your ESG funds. Here are some important considerations when choosing items to order during the last six months.

  • Titles with publishing dates for 2022 are now in the B&T catalog, but those items will have to be ordered next year. I’m looking at you, Janet Evanovich! However, there’s no reason to wait until January when you can start a cart now for next year’s releases. You can rest easy, knowing you’re ahead of the game! Carts don’t expire in B&T, so you can start as many as you like and have them ready to transfer after January 1.
  • Backorders are still a risky bet due not only to supply problems.
  • Orders are kept open for only six months. This is important – because orders placed after July 1 have a higher chance of forfeiture of ESG money (see timeline). If you wait until December to place your final order be sure to select only “in stock” items.
  • If you really want an item that will be backordered, it’s best to use funds from your local account (money your library has sent here to pay for orders). Items ordered with local money will still be cancelled after 6 months or in early February, but the money is not forfeited.

One way to help determine if you will have backorders is to look at the cart information provided on the left side of your screen. In the example below, there are 19 items in the cart (outlined in purple), but if you look on the left side, you’ll see that two are not available for shipping and only 16 are available in the primary warehouse. With this cart, the two unavailable items are pre-orders. Of the remaining 17 items, only 16 are available in the primary warehouse, which means one of the 17 will actually be a backorder even though it shows “in stock” in the item detail.

A possible solution to avoid losing your ESG money is to submit a cart with only items that are available in the primary warehouse. I say “possible” because inventory availability changes quickly with B&T. If you also have local money, use it when ordering items that are not available from the primary warehouse.

Elementor Tip of the Month

There are several features in Elementor.  The Count down is one.  Contact LaDonna at to get exact steps to install this on your website. The count down feature can be used for any event. This example uses the NCKLS book van image. See what you can do on your website!

Countdown Feature in Elementor Pro

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