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2017 Annual Service Plan & Goals

System Description and Purpose:


NCKLS is a network of cooperating libraries serving 12 counties with a total service population of 238,951 residents (KS certified population July 1, 2015).

The NCKLS plan of services and goals for 2016 is based on the purpose of regional systems, as established by K.S.A. 75-2547, “to help local libraries provide library services to all citizens of the state,” through shared planning and resource-sharing. Working together with libraries in the region, NCKLS strives to enhance the local services of each library, building on knowledge, cooperation, and support.


The NCKLS region includes the following eight taxing counties: Chase, Clay, Dickinson, Marion, Marshall, Morris, Riley and Washington. There are 33 legally established public libraries in the taxing counties.


NCKLS also provides consulting and continuing education services to public libraries in four non-taxing counties, including Pottawatomie, Wabaunsee, Geary and Lyon. There are seven contracting libraries in these counties, and the Pottawatomie/Wabaunsee Regional Library System has eight branches. A total of 40 legally established public libraries benefit from system services.


Consulting and continuing education opportunities are also extended to school libraries in 32 districts and to 12 affiliate libraries, which include five universities and colleges, the Fort Riley Post Library and six “outlets” (not legally established public libraries) in taxing counties which include Greenleaf, Haddam, Longford, Morganville, Ogden, and Randolph. Outlet libraries take advantage of the NCKLS rotating book collection.


The central mission of NCKLS remains consistent with the goal of providing assistance to each library in the region to support libraries with information and resources, to provide equitable access to libraries across the region and to help eliminate barriers to service, working together for the success of every Kansas library.


The 2017 Goals and objectives describe and support system services which include:


  1. Consulting services
  2. Youth services and program support
  3. Continuing education and training for library staff and trustees
  4. Technology support
  5. Resource sharing
  6. Grants and financial support to public libraries in taxing counties


The goals and objectives for 2017 were reviewed by the NCKLS Executive board on May 26, 2016, and will be voted on by the system board at the annual meeting on August 4, 2016.




All libraries in the NCKLS region will have access to the information and resources they need to manage library operations with consulting services, and timely, accurate, up-to-date communication.

Consulting services are available to all libraries in the region. Librarians and library boards may call on NCKLS staff for information and assistance in the areas of library governance, administration, and operation. Examples include board orientation, budget development, human resource management, marketing and public relations, planning, grant writing, collection management, programming for all ages, and referral to appropriate resources for additional assistance.



  1. By December 2017, librarians for 100% of public libraries in the NCKLS region will say they are familiar with the wide range of NCKLS services.
  2. By December 2017, all school district libraries in the NCKLS region will receive information about available system services.



  1. Contact each public library to provide a comprehensive review of system services and options available to each library
  2. Update the brochure of system services for print and online distribution to all public and school libraries in the region.
  • Make ongoing improvements to the website
    1. Update the staff section of the website
    2. Update board information (directory)
    3. Develop and add LibGuide subject areas
  1. Continue bi-monthly e-newsletter to public librarians and trustees
  2. Monitor demographics of the community of each public library in NCKLS to assist with planning
  3. Produce and distribute report on 2016 accomplishments



NCKLS will provide librarians with the tools and assistance to create young readers from birth through teen years.

Libraries play a critical role in the development of early childhood literacy and provide services and resources for school-aged children, to encourage a life-long love of reading.



  1. 80% of public libraries in the NCKLS region will provide regularly scheduled programs for children and/or teens.
  2. Public libraries in the NCKLS area will participate in summer reading activities.
  3. Staff from 80 % of public libraries will participate in the summer reading workshop.
  4. 75% of public libraries will participate in a fall event related to children’s service.



  • Order and distribute summer reading materials including, promotional and program materials
  • Maintain and develop story time kits, easy reader kits and maker kits



Librarians and trustees in the NCKLS region will receive educational support and training to meet their needs and interests and to help them be successful in their jobs.

NCKLS offers educational opportunities at workshops for librarians and board members in a variety of formats, as well as funding to attend workshops, conferences or activities that meet individual needs and interests.



  1. Every public library will have current information on library governance.
  2. A training calendar for activities for 2017 calendar year will be developed based on feedback from libraries.
  3. NCKLS will provide support for every new public library director by encouraging enrollment in the state-wide APPLE program.
  4. Library directors will select and participate in the discussion topics of policy development for review at bimonthly director meetings. A minimum of four policy topics will be reviewed annually.



  • Update and develop a trustee training module in an online and print format
  • Present trustee training sessions in person or online
  • Provide copies of the Kansas Library Trustee Handbook to all libraries
  • Maintain funding for continuing education grants to all public libraries in the NCKLS region to help support workshop costs, travel, registration and/or attendance at library-related conferences and workshops
  • Create online content for continuing education



All NCKLS libraries will receive support and assistance with technology to provide access to online resources and services that meet the needs of residents in each community.

The need for technology support continues to be a growing priority for system services. Technology support includes computer and telecommunication systems for library productivity and for service to customers. Examples include support for a shared consortium catalog; assistance with planning, evaluating, purchasing and utilizing hardware and software; assistance with establishing Internet access; and training for staff.



  1. By December 2016, 60 % of libraries will develop a written technology plan to guide planning and purchasing to meet the goals of each library.
  2. 100% of public libraries will continue to maintain wireless Internet connectivity.
  3. 100% of public libraries will have assistance to acquire adequate high speed connections to meet the needs of patrons and library functions.
  4. NCKLS will provide technology training sessions for staff in 70 % of all libraries in the region on a variety of library and productivity applications.



  • Continue to provide support and assistance for purchasing and installing technology equipment and software
  • Continue to provide troubleshooting support via phone, email, remote access, and in person
  • Continue to offer and maintain Internet filtering for public libraries
  • Provide training and financial support to maintain WordPress individual websites to all public libraries in the region
  • Provide funding and support for annual e-rate applications for public libraries in taxing counties



NCKLS will provide services to extend resource sharing and provide efficiencies through technical services, processing support and shared collections.

NCKLS subsidizes the cost of technical services for ordering, cataloging and processing materials. The cost of technical services has been kept very low in an effort to encourage libraries to share resources by maintaining and sharing accurate holdings, and to provide staffing and materials handling efficiencies for small libraries. NCKLS libraries also have the advantage of volume discounts for supplies and cataloging. NCKLS offers access to a collection of popular reading material and information resources in print and in electronic formats to expand resources available to each library.



  1. NCKLS will continue to support 22 public libraries participating in the NorCat regional catalog, through administrative support, technical support and catalog enhancements for consortium members.
  2. 100% of public libraries will benefit from shared support for purchasing, processing and cataloging of materials through reduced costs.
  3. 90% of eligible public libraries will receive funding for courier services or interlibrary loan costs to encourage resource sharing.
  4. NCKLS will provide funding to encourage and support shared e-resources collections.



  • Plan and coordinate NorCat user group online meetings monthly
  • Provide coordinated purchasing options to facilitate purchasing library material for optimum discounts and value-added support
  • Review schedule of costs for technical services annually
  • Provide assistance with Interlibrary Loan for lending and borrowing material
  • Continue to provide and deliver a rotating book collection to NCKLS libraries
  • Provide large print books for long-term care institutions through local libraries
  • Provide funding for shared eBook and electronic resources
  • Continue support and evaluation of online resources
  • Host annual Book Fair in the spring



NCKLS libraries in taxing counties will benefit from financial grants to support basic services and encourage innovation.

In addition to extended service grants, eligible libraries in taxing counties may receive grants for technology improvements, service improvements and continuing education.



  1. All eligible public libraries will receive ESG grants to supplement collections.
  2. At least 80% of eligible libraries will apply for and receive technology grants to improve access, productivity, availability.
  3. At least 90% of eligible libraries will apply for and receive service improvement grants to make changes in their libraries, large or small, that create a comfortable, welcoming place.
  4. At least 50% of public libraries will receive “Good Idea” mini-grants for library programs.



  • Maintain the level of funding for grants to public libraries in taxing counties to support basic services and to encourage innovation
  • Maintain extended service grants (ESG) and review criteria for allocation of funding
  • Maintain and evaluate a new grant opportunity for service improvements
  • Send bi-monthly reminders of grant opportunities
  • Highlight successful grant use in the newsletter
  • Review and update grant criteria annually
  • Provide funding for up to 20 Good Idea grants of $50.


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