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Regional Representatives




District Name Email address Committees
24 Randall Hardy Utilities, Judiciary, Transportation, Ethics, Elections & Local Government
36 Elaine Bowers Ag, Capitol Preservation, Joint Committee State Tribal Relations, Insurance, KPERS.
35 Richard Wilborn  Fed & State Affairs, Commerce, Utilities, Telecommunications Study, Financial Institutions and Insurance
22 Tom Hawk Natural Resources, Utilities, Ag, Insurance, Telecommunications Study, Patient Protections for Step Therapy, Adm Rules & Reg.
18 Laura Kelly Legislative Post Audit, State Employee Pay Plan Oversight, Fin & Ins, 2011 KS Public Employees Retirement Study Commission, 2015 Foster Care Adequacy, 2016 Larned & Osawatomie State Hospitals, KanCare Oversite, State Bldg Construction, Pensions, Investments, & Benefits
17 Jeff Longbine Commerce, Legislative Post Audit, Utilities, Federal & State Affairs
1 Dennis Pyle Natural Resources, Education
20 Vicki Schmidt Transportation, Education, Financial Institutions & Insurance, Health Care Stabilization
106 Clay Aurand Rules & Journal, K-12 Education Budget
70 John Barker Public Health Boards, Ethics & Elections, Post Audit, Appropriations, Education, Judiciary
66 Sydney Carlin Appropriations, Ag & Natural Resources, Joint Committee on Corrections & Juvenile Justice
61 Francis Awerkamp Transportation & Public Safety Budget, Local Government, Fed & State Affairs, Elections
71 Diana Dierks Ag & Natural Resources, Veterans, Military & Homeland Security, Elections
51 Ron Highland Taxation, Appropriations
60 Mark Schreiber Water & Environment, Transportation, Education, Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications
76 Eric Smith Federl & State Affairs, Ag, Corrections & Juvenile Justice
68 Dave Baker Government, Technology & Security, Ag, Children & Seniors, Commerce, Labor & Economic Development
67 Tom Phillips Calendar & Printing, Interstate Cooperation, Veterans & Military, Commerce, Labor & Economic Development
65 Lonnie Clark Ag & Nat Resources, Veterans, Military & Homeland Security, Agriculture & Nat Res Budget
74 Don Schroeder Ag & Natural Resources, Utilities & Telecommunications, Special Committee Ag & Nat Resources
64 Susie Swanson Corrections and Juvenile Justice, Vision 2020, Children and Seniors, Agricultural and Natural Resources


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