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Archive After-lunch courses for 2023:

After-lunch course: Universal Design at Your Library, April 3, 2023

Archive After-lunch courses 2022:
After-lunch course: Lead From Where You Are with Sharon Morris, December 8, 2022
After-lunch course: Cultural Humility with Xan Goodman, September 8, 2022
After-lunch course: Intellectual Freedom with Martin Garnar, June 9, 2022
After-lunch course: Policy Webinar with Andrew Smith, March 10, 2022

Archive After-lunch courses 2021:

After-lunch course: Library advocacy with Jamie LaRue, March 11, 2021
After-lunch course: Customer service skills with Pat Wagner, June 20, 2021
After-lunch course with Pat Wagner: Library ethics, September 9, 2021
After-lunch course with Jamie LaRue, HR management: The 20 second talk, December 9, 2021

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