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Directors’ Meetings

2023 Meetings

February 2, 2023– Online
April 6, 2023- Online
June 1, 2023- Online
August 24, 2023- Online
October 5, 2023- Online
December 7, 2023- Online

What are Directors’ Meetings?

Directors of NCKL libraries meet quarterly to discuss current library issues, share what’s going on in their library, and learn from their peers. Librarians from every NCKL library, large and small, are encouraged to attend and establish professional relationships with their counterparts.

Agendas are solicited via email and complied for the meeting by the NCKL system consultant. Meetings are hosted by different libraries and in different parts of the NCKL system. Meeting dates and location are generally set at the previous meeting. Notice of the meetings is posted to the NCKL list.

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