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The State Library of Kansas has provided two YouTube videos to help with the process of downloading ebooks: (created by Earl Givens)

Part 1

      How to download an ebook to your computer

Part 2

    How to transfer an ebook to your reader

Additional Helpful Resources:

OverDrive/nook Tutorial
Using OverDrive including FAQ’s from East Baton Rouge Public Library

// Free eBooks Websites

Ebook Contributions

Here is the link to submit contributions to the Kansas EZ library. Please use the below link to access the form. Kansas EZ Library Contributions Form

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One Click Digital Getting Started Additional Helpful Resources: Digital Book eLending OverDrive/nook Tutorial //

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Sunflower eLibrary PurchasingThe enthusiasm for downloadable materials continues to explode. Currently, 12 of the NCKLS libraries have signed up with Sunflower eLibrary, and they’re each doing their very best to meet high demand. As most of you know, audiobooks and eBooks, especially newer and best seller titles, can cost anywhere from $15.00 to $100.00, depending …

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What’s the Latest on Sunflower eLibrary?

What’s the Latest on Sunflower eLibrary? For some time now, interested librarians and library customers have had access to the Sunflower Consortium holdings. They’ve noticed that selection and downloading are easy processes, and they’ve been pleasantly surprised by the great numbers of available holdings, in both audio and ebook format. Librarians have become used to …

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