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Sunflower eLibrary Purchasing. 

The enthusiasm for downloadable materials continues to explode. Currently, 17 of the NCKLS libraries have signed up with Sunflower eLibrary, and they’re each doing their very best to meet high demand. As most of you know, audiobooks and eBooks, especially newer and best seller titles, can cost anywhere from $15.00 to $100.00, depending on whether a title is a bestseller and whether it is an audiobook. With those prices in mind, library buying capability for smaller libraries will not go far.It is not necessary for smaller libraries to purchase those more expensive titles. There are other titles, some older and some from authors who have not yet reached bestseller status, that have just as much appeal to readers as those which are newer and more popular.

I would encourage you to pick among choices like the following:

Christian fiction titles: always in demand and usually much cheaper
Series romance and mystery titles: often listed at $3.99 to $10.00
Children’s titles: always needed and usually much cheaper
Young adult series: a growing demand
Sale items: look for events like audiobook month sales, seasonal sales, etc.
Publisher sales: single publishers may highlight reduced prices on their best sellers

We all want to see our funding go as far as it possibly can. Rest assured that you can add quality items without ordering the most expensive available titles. Remember: your patrons now have access to a sizeable collection of books with something for everyone. That’s the beauty of a consortium!

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