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What’s the Latest on Sunflower eLibrary?

What’s the Latest on Sunflower eLibrary?

For some time now, interested librarians and library customers have had access to the Sunflower Consortium holdings. They’ve noticed that selection and downloading are easy processes, and they’ve been pleasantly surprised by the great numbers of available holdings, in both audio and ebook format. Librarians have become used to the variety of selection tools and the rapid billing system that seldom has snags. Librarians are also pleased with the up-to-date reporting tools that can supply almost any desired data.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the Sunflower Consortium and its holdings, here are a few of the latest facts:

Participating libraries have spent a total of $523,790.95 on downloadable books
The collection now has a total of 25,948 books
136 Kansas libraries are now a part of the consortium
17 NCKLS libraries belong to the consortium

To learn more about the Sunflower Consortium or OverDrive, call (216) 573-688 for detailed information.

Last updated:  July 2017

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