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Public Library Handbook

From the Preface: The Kansas Public Library Handbook was first published in 1983, and after considerable changes in the Kansas Public Library landscape an updated edition was published in 1998. Again we are faced with considerable change since 1998, and so the Regional Library System Administrators and the State Librarian of Kansas felt it was …

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Disaster Planning

KCHERN… is a resource network for cultural institutions that aids the preparation and recovery of various disasters through a free online resource guide and listserv: Kansas Cultural Heritage Emergency Resources Network Before Disaster Assessment and Emergency Planning Library’s Place During a Community Disaster (and After) Disasters We’ve all heard about disasters happening in communities throughout …

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File for Unemployment

Find out how to file for unemployment.

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Firearms Sample Policy & FAQs

This sample policy and FAQ sheet relate to the carrying of concealed weapons by library employees. This policy does not address conceal carry or open carry for patrons. Sample Conceal Carry Policy FAQ Sheet about Conceal Carry License law for employees  

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GAAP WAIVER RESOLUTION   GAAP is the acronym for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.  These principles are promulgated by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and are required in municipal financial statements and reports as part of Kansas statute KSA 75-1120a.   Libraries can request a waiver of these GAAP requirements and prepare financial records showing …

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Grants from Corporations and other resources

National Funding Opportunities from Corporate Funding and other resources  Grants from the State Library $100 of Free Books from Enslow Publishers Deadline: Monthly Priorities:  Every month, Enslow Publishers awards $100 of free children’s books to a single winner through an online raffle. No purchase is necessary- applicants just need to fill out a simple online …

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Kansas CIPA

Purpose The Kansas Children’s Internet Protection Act (KS-CIPA) requires that any public library that provides public access to a computer shall implement and enforce technology protection measures to: Ensure that no minor has access to visual depictions that are child pornography, harmful to minors, or obscene Ensure that no person has access to visual depictions …

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Library Acronyms

Library Acronyms and Definitions For those that would like the pdf version. ALA AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. The national professional association for librarians. The organization includes many divisions and roundtables such as the Public Library Association and the Intellectual Freedom Roundtable AV  AUDIOVISUAL. An umbrella term for audio and video recordings. B T or BAKER AND …

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Loyalty Oath Affirmation

This form in .pdf This form in .docx Loyalty Oath / Loyalty Affirmation   According to Kansas Statute 75-4308, public officers and employees shall be required to subscribe in writing to the oath set out in K.S.A. 54-106 (see templates below).  This requirement applies to library board members and staff.  Staff should complete this oath …

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Professional Collection

Professional Collection Book Titles in the North Central Kansas Libraries Search the NorCat catalog for the NCKLS Professional Collection.

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Standards for Kansas Public Libraries The “2012 STANDARDS FOR KANSAS PUBLIC LIBRARIES” are a tool for measuring the effectiveness of local library service and planning for future development. NOTE: You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. Acrobat Reader is available free from Standards for Kansas Public Libraries 2012 revision Checklists Checklist for budget …

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Technology Plan

Planning the budget requires all aspects of the library’s operation to be considered and evaluated. Though technology is not the largest budget line item, planning for technology has become more important since computer and Internet access has become a significant part of library service. Technology takes many forms but a short list of the major …

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Transition Notebook

The transition notebook (in .pdf) discussed at the recent Director’s Meeting as “Where to find the water shut-off” for your library is now available. Also available in word format

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Trustee Manual

KANSAS PUBLIC LIBRARY TRUSTEE MANUAL PREPARED BY Kansas Regional Library Systems, June 2016,and endorsed by the Kansas Library Trustee Association.

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Volunteer Resources Sample Applications & Interview Questions: Abilene Teen Volunteer Application Abilene Child Registration Reading Buddies MPL Teen Volunteer Application MPL Teen Volunteer Interview Questions Wamego Teen Volunteer Application   Informational Pieces: Abilene Information for Parents of Little Buddies Abilene Teen Volunteer Information MPL Teen Volunteer Agreement MPL Teen Volunteer Handbook MPL Teen Volunteer Task …

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