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Public Library Handbook

From the Preface:

The Kansas Public Library Handbook was first published in 1983, and after considerable changes in the Kansas Public Library landscape an updated edition was published in 1998. Again we are faced with considerable change since 1998, and so the Regional Library System Administrators and the State Librarian of Kansas felt it was time for an updated edition.

This revised edition maintains the original intent; however we have changed some of the style and format from previous editions. The 2015 edition contains functionality to support a digital format by adding hyperlinks to Kansas Statutes, Regulations, Attorney General’s Opinions, and other websites for more information on topics. Additionally, we have added links within the document to move the reader from the “Table of Contents” to the section desired, and from “See References” to the topic referenced. Sample forms and resolutions that are referenced in some of the topics have been placed in the “Appendix,” but are hyperlinked for convenient access. This updated edition also contains an index at the end as an additional point of access.

As stated in previous editions, “no work of this scope is accomplished by a single individual, regardless of the responsibility for producing the completed work.” 05Those of us that edited and updated the handbook have to give credit, first and foremost, to those who originally took this project on: Allen Gardiner who compiled the first edition and Roy Bird who updated and edited the 1998 edition.

Special appreciation goes to Dwight Carswell, Assistant Attorney General, and Roger Basinger, Municipal Services Team who took time to consult with us on the content of the handbook. Additionally, we would like to thank Mary Boller, Nancy McFarland, Lianne Flax, Anna Foote, Toni Harrell, Jeff Hixon, and Cindy Roupe for contributing articles and Candace LeDuc for the cover design.

Thank you and enjoy!
Regional Library System Administrators and the State Librarian of Kansas

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