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Technology Plan

Planning the budget requires all aspects of the library’s operation to be considered and evaluated. Though technology is not the largest budget line item, planning for technology has become more important since computer and Internet access has become a significant part of library service.

Technology takes many forms but a short list of the major components in need of frequent evaluation or periodic replacement to be considered should be: the Internet connection, the ILS or automation system, computers, monitors and printers.

A written Technology Plan is the best way to keep track of the library’s current technology and plan for future improvements, additions and replacements. We have created templates to help NCKLS libraries create their technology plans. The “Tech Plan Templates” are composed of a word document for a “Four year” plan and an excel spreadsheet for inventory. Both will require editing to make your resulting Technology Plan fit your library’s specific needs.

Download the “2017-Inventory Template“, save it to your computer then use it to create a current inventory of your library’s technology equipment and services.

Download the “2017-Technology Plan Template“, save it then use it to summarize technology needs and schedule purchase of computers and other technology.

Please contact NCKLS Technology staff if you would like assistance as you work to create or update your library’s Technology Plan.

Update: 2/8/2017

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