Continuing Ed

NCKL offers member libraries and their staff assistance in taking advantage of training, education and development opportunities through a modest grant program. Grants are available for use by librarians and trustees wishing to attend state professional conferences and courses offered by other agencies. Other events may qualify for grant assistance. Criteria for the Continuing Education …

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NCKL has a cricut for your use! Cartridges available for your checkout: My Community Best Images of 2010 Best Images of 2009 Best Images of 2008 Best Images of 2007 Accent Essentials Plantin SchoolBook Bring your paper and cut here, or check out a cartridge to use at your convenience. We can send cartridges out …

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NCKL System Grants The following grants with more information about them are available for NCKL libraries: Continuing Education Grant Form Extended Service Good Idea Grant Report Interlibrary Loan Postage Reimbursement Service Improvement Grant Technology EXTENDED SERVICE GRANT Apply now for the 2016 Extended Service Grant 2016 EXTENDED SERVICE GRANTS Extended Service Grants (ESG) are distributed …

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Interlibrary Loan

  Interlibrary Loan for the North Central Kansas Libraries Interlibrary loan is a valuable service that provides library patrons in the North Central Kansas Libraries region access to materials not available at their local libraries. Materials are provided by other member libraries of the North Central Kansas Libraries system, as well as other libraries throughout …

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Rotating Books

ABOUT THE ROTATING BOOKS This program distributes current, popular reading materials for all ages to system libraries with the NCKLS book van. Six times per year libraries exchange up to 350 books to supplement their collection. The collection is weeded and constantly replenished with new books to keep it current. If this service is used …

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Supplies & Discounts

Supplies Discounts

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Talking Books

Talking Books Service provides books and magazines to eligible Kansas residents.  This library service is available for those who are unable to read or use standard printed materials as a result of temporary or permanent visual or physical impairment.  This includes blindness, low vision, physical impairment such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, or a reading disability. …

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Technical Services

The Technical Services Department, located at system headquarters in Manhattan Public Library, offers the following services for member libraries: ORDERING Member libraries can order books and other materials using Baker and Taylor’s Title Source 3 online ordering software. B & T offers member libraries generous discounts for materials, as well as the opportunity to track …

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Technology Consulting

  What consulting services are provided? Librarians and boards may call on system staff for advice and assistance in all areas of library technology, governance, administration, and operation. In addition to providing and coordinating consultant services, the Assistant Director/Consultant (Carol Barta),’ Technology Consultant (Duane Mayer)’ Technology Consultant (Kim Scaler)’ Technology Trainer (LaDonna Clark)’ share responsibility …

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Technology Training

Technology Training is a service provided by NCKLS for the system libraries. We are equipped with a portable computer lab where we can bring the training to your library.   Tips & Tricks: How to use the Snipping Tool in Windows Operating System Cheatsheets 5 Tips using Google Chrome Excel Formulas Library Extensions Use of…free …

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Youth Consulting

  We offer support to our member libraries in planning and implementing services to children and young adults. Melendra Sutliff Sanders is the Youth Consultant, available at (1-800-432-2796 ext. 143) or by e-mail at Services offered: Collection development, weeding, and programming assistance Children’s & Young Adult policy consulting Checkout of Story Time Kits, Maker Kits, …

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