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Programming Kits

Our programming kits provide the materials needed for running a program with children of a variety of ages.

Story Time Kits

NCKLS’ Story Time Kits contain books, folder stories, and interactive toys focused on a topic. They are for use as either a passive programming resource or to enhance library storytimes. There are 25 Story Time Kits ranging in topic from Farm to Dr. Seuss to Active Play. Story Time Kits can be checked out by any NCKLS library for up to two months. Libraries can share these resources with community partners as they deem appropriate.  Check out a Story Time Kit Here.

Maker Kits

NCKLS’ Maker Kits contain projects and books related to a specific theme. The materials included allow teens and tweens to get a taste of how different things work and try their hands at creating something new, be it a robot or electric playdough. These kits provide an experience centered program, rather than a product centered program, and (with the exception of the Mini Weapons Kit and the Break It reMake It Kit) all materials in the kits must be returned to NCKLS. There are currently fourteen Maker Kits, but more are on the way. Maker Kits can be checked out by any NCKLS library for up to two months. Check out a Maker Kit Here.

State 6 by 6 Early Literacy Kits

The 6 by 6 Early Literacy Kits contain interactive materials focused on one book. The kits provide libraries with multiple passive program offerings. There are 11 large 6 by 6 kits available for libraries to check out. Their circulation period is three months. NCKLS has supplemental materials for each of these 6 by 6 Early Literacy Kits. The supplemental materials include six books and one folder story for each 6 by 6 kit. Check out State 6 by 6 Early Literacy Kits Here.


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6 by 6 Early Literacy Kits

The 6 by 6 Early Literacy Kits were created by the state. Each kit focuses on a single title and includes activities and toys to encourage parent and child interactions that facilitate children gaining the 6 skills they need in order to be ready to learn to read when they attend school. Kits can be …

Makerspace Kits

The NCKLS’ Maker Kits are created to provide libraries with the opportunity to experiment with the Maker Space movement. The kits contain projects and activities for an experience based program where tweens and teens get to participate in making things like robots and electronic clothing. The kits contain all the necessary materials for creating four …

Story Time Kits

Our story time kits are designed to work either as passive programming in your library or as a way to enhance story time. Each kit comes with books, activities and toys that caregivers and children can use in the library. Activities are based on the 6×6 Ready to Read early literacy initiative. How does it …

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