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Maker Spaces

Maker Spaces Webinars and Resources

Library Maker Spaces Pinterest board: a Pinterest board with a variety of maker space ideas

The Community Joins In: Library Maker Spaces: a Slideshare presentation by Justin Hoenke, Michelle Cooper, and Amy Koester

Duct Tape, Circuits, and Knitting, Oh My! Maker Culture at Your Library (KLC Presentation): a Slideshare presentation by Dan Alexander, Heather Braum, and Erin Howerton

MinecraftEdu: Is this a Good Idea for Your Library?: a Slideshare presentation by Cathy Newland and Tracy DeShazo

Makerspace Beginner’s Guide: a website from Smith Systems

Books in Professional Collection

From the Makers As Innovators series:

3D Printing by Terence O’Neill & Josh Williams (Call# 681.62 O’Neill)
Arduino by Terence O’Neill & Josh Williams (Call# 629.8 O’Neill)
Digital Badges by Shauna Masura (Call# 371.5 Masura)
E-Textiles by Jan Toth-Chernin (Call# 677.6 Toth-Chernin)
Game Design by Greg Austic (Call# 794.8 Austic)
Maker Faire by Samantha Roslund & Kristin Fontichiaro (Call# 607.34 Roslund)
Makerspaces by Samantha Roslund & Emily Puckett Rodgers (Call# 302.3 Roslund)
Raspberry Pi by Charles R. Serverance & Kristin Fontichiaro (Call# 005.13 Severanc)

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