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2015: NCKLS Kits with Superpowers

Some of the NCKLS Story Time kits and Folder Stories and almost all of the Maker kits have resources that can be connected to this year’s summer reading themes for preshoolers, elementary-age children, and teens.To reserve a kit or folder story, contact Melendra at msanders at or call 785-776-4741 ext. 143.

Story Time Kits:

  • On the Go #2 Ideas: Emergency vehicles
  • Friendly Monsters #10 Ideas: Battle a monster; Monsters often have superpowers
  • Feelings #12 Ideas: How does it feel to be a superhero? Feelings make a story super!
  • Moving House #16 Ideas: Neighborhood/Local Heroes
  • Pirates #17 Ideas: Supervillains; Navy personnel (the heroes) capture pirates (the villains)
  • Active Play #20 Ideas: Superhero training program

Mini Story Time Kits:

  • Police Officers #1
  • Firefighters #2
  • Doctors #3
  • Service Dogs #4

Folder Stories:

  • Lola Loves Stories: Community hero hats
  • Red Light, Green Light: Superhero/Community hero training program (in Tip, Tip, Dig, Dig supplemental books)
  • My Many Colored Days: Superheroes that can transform into animals
  • Shapes In the Sky: Superheroes flying in the clouds (in Little Cloud supplemental books)
  • My Many Colored Capes: Capes give different abilities

Maker Kits:

  • Robot #1 Ideas: Battle Robots; Robot Heroes; Evil Robots
  • Circuits #2 Ideas: Light Up Masks, Superhero Symbols, and Evil Eyes (using LilyPad); Emergency Siren (using SNAP Circuits); Light Up Paper Superhero Symbol (using Draw a Paper Circuit directions); Glow Creatures (using Squishy Circuits)
  • Solar #3 Ideas: Emergency Siren (using Green SNAP Circuits); Solar Secret Hideout (using Solar Eco House); Comparing Superman and Solar Battery; Other superheroes with solar powers include: Sunfire, Solar Man of the Atom, Sun Boy, and Sunspot.
  • Mini Weapons #4 Ideas: Superhero/Supervillain battles; Make your own utility belt gadgets
  • Builder #5 Ideas: Make your own city to protect; Create your own disaster scene and have your “superheroes” fix it; Design heroes and villains out of building toys
  • Book Repurposing #6 Ideas: Cut/fold books into superhero logos, images, or names; Comic book wallets, magnets, or coasters
  • Photo Booth #7 Ideas: Superhero/villain photo shoot
  • Break It reMake It #8 Ideas: Only superheroes can make their own computers; Make strange monsters and villains from computer pieces
  • LEGO #9 – 12 Ideas: Make your own city to protect, Design heroes & villains out of LEGO bricks, Create a LEGO maze for mini superheroes; Make superhero logos from LEGOS


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