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Want to know more about presenting storytime? Need some new program ideas? Wonder what the difference is between a picture book and an easy reader?

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Children’s Book Formats

I’ve had some requests for simple definitions of each of the common children’s book formats, from board books to easy readers to graphic novels for juveniles. I thought it might be useful for other libraries too. Children’s Book Formats: From Board Books to Graphic Novels Fiction = Imaginary story, not true In the CIP (Cataloging …

Continuing Ed Storytime

Story Time Planning  Sample Materials: Active Play Story Time Plan Story Time Introduction, Theme Introduction, & Conclusion “We Clap and Sing Hello” song “We Clap and Sing Good-bye” song “Animal Dances” song Reenacting Hop directions “This Is the Way the Ladies Ride” rhyme “What Can It Be?” rhyme Sample Materials: “I’ve Got Something in My Pocket” …

Passive Program Ideas

Why Passive Programming? Passive programming offers the opportunity to reach more patrons while expending less librarian energy. If that’s not enough of a draw, passive programs can also end up being great library decorations. From programs as simple as “book bundles” to the more active programs described by Marge Loch-Wouters and Amy Koester, passive programming …

Teens in the Library Workshops

Looking for information about attracting and serving teen patrons? These resources address different aspects of teen services: Webinars: Teen Behavior in the Library: Teen Brains and Developmentally Appropriate Behavior by Melendra Sanders Where Teens and Technology Meet by Angela Brade Teaming Up with Teens @ Your Library from YALSA PowerPoints: Beyond the Bestsellers: Building Diverse & Balanced …

Using iPads in Library Programs

Fall Youth Workshop documents: Best Practices for Media Mentorship Apps for Storytime Apps for Juvenile & YA Programs Evaluating Apps Rubric NeCessary KnowLedge Live 2017 documents: Library Events Using Apps

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