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NCKLS System Grants

The following grants with more information about them are available for NCKL libraries:

Grant pages:


Apply now for the  Extended Service Grant


Extended Service Grants (ESG) are distributed to legally established public libraries in taxing counties to encourage resource sharing, to provide greater access to a variety of library resources and to eliminate taxing boundaries to service.

ESG funds may be distributed in January of each year. Funds are largely used to help meet standards for collections and materials. Collections include print and non-print materials.  Special requests for use of ESG funds may be made by written request.

In 2014, eligible NCKLS libraries may receive ESG based on the 2012 Standards for Kansas Public Libraries for service population in the following amounts:

  1. Gateway $1,250
  2. Linking  $3,000
  3. Service Center I  $5,500
  4. Service Center II $7,000
  5. Major Service Center I  $7,000

To be eligible for any grant, all public libraries in the NCKLS area, including taxing and non-taxing counties, must meet the following requirements.

The library must be a legally established public library that operates under appropriate statutory regulations including:

  1. The treasurer of the board is bonded as required by K.S.A 12-1226.
  2. The board consists of the appropriate number of board members as specified in K.S.A. 12-2222 with terms according to the specifications in K.S.A. 12-2222.
  3. The library agrees to meet Kansas Administrative Regulation 54.1.8,, to provide library service to any citizen of the territory comprising the system in the same manner that service is open to a local resident.
  4. The library will comply with the terms of the Kansas Open Records Act and the Kansas Open Meetings Act.
  5. The library will adhere to Kansas law, bylaws, board governance, open meetings, insurance.

To be eligible for an Extended Service Grant:

  1. Eligible libraries should submit an NCKLS End-of-Year report (Formerly ESG Application) by March 1.
  2. Have their holdings in the Kansas Library Catalog or through a Z39.50 compatible Integrated Library System.

A library must have met the following criteria in the previous year:

  1. A library must be represented by the system board representative, a designated alternate or by a signed proxy ballot at the Annual System meeting.
  2. A library must have had one or more staff members attend at least one NCKLS workshop.
  3. A library must have had one or more trustees attend at least one NCKLS workshop.

Apply now for the  Extended Service Grant


NCKLS member libraries in taxing counties that are not receiving the courier subsidy may receive a grant to offset the cost of postage or other delivery costs for books they loan to other libraries.  The grant will be a percentage of the amount spent.  The annual ILL loan volume will be calculated from the Interlibrary Loan Annual Activity Report that is submitted to the Kansas State Library. Interlibrary Loan Postage Grant is available February 15 through March 15 of each year.



NCKLS offers member libraries and their staff assistance in taking advantage of training, education and development opportunities through a modest grant program. Grants are available for use by librarians and trustees wishing to attend state professional conferences and courses offered by other agencies.  Other events may qualify for grant assistance.

Continuing Education Grant Application.


NCKLS will provide grants to be allocated for automation and other technology related projects in local libraries. Funds will be used to match local and other monies on a percentage basis.


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Continuing Education Criteria

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Continuing Education Grant form application

Continuing Education Grant form application

Continuing Education Guidelines

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