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State Technology Standards

30. The library has a telephone, telephone answering machine or service, and provides public FAX service.

31. The library provides a wireless Internet access point.

32. The library provides free public access to the number of computers appropriate for the library’s level of service, with an Internet connection with bandwidth sufficient to provide high-speed Internet access. Required bandwidth should be sufficient to meet community needs but in no circumstances less than the minimum level of bandwidth for the library’s level of service in Appendix B of these standards.

33. The library has an integrated library automation system that at a minimum provides circulation control and online public access catalog (OPAC) functions, with patron remote Internet access to the OPAC. The system must be able to import and export records in full US MARC format, and meets standards for interoperability with the statewide resource sharing network. Those standards include z39.50 server and client compatibility, and NCIP and/or SIP2 patron authentication compatibility.

34. The library has an Internet web page that is actively maintained and that contains current information about library services and programs.

35. The library has a current technology plan, including a 3 to 5 year computer replacement schedule and planning for new technologies.

36. The library provides assistance and training for community members on use of library computer applications and the Internet

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