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2019 Vendor Discounts

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Bibliotecha (formerly 3M) RFID tags, tattle-tape security strips Varies from 10-30% off list. Contact LYRASIS Member Support,
Brodart Library supplies, archival supplies, library furniture 20% discount on all supplies, 15% discount on all equipment and furniture, and 25% off book jacket covers. Minimum order of $100 to receive free shipping. Use code LYRSIS.
DEMCO Library supplies, equipment and furniture 18% off list for supplies, 7% off list for equipment and furniture, minimum order of $100 to receive free shipping. Create an account with DEMCO and the discount will be automatically applied.
Hollinger Metal Edge Archival supplies, equipment and furniture 20% off list for supplies,10% off list for equipment and furniture. Use code LYRASIS.
The Library Store Library supplies, equipment and furniture 10-20% off list for supplies, 10% off list for equipment and furniture. Use code LYRASIS.

Supplies discounts are subject to change. Please contact LYRASIS Member Services for the most up to date pricing and information.

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