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Technical Services

The Technical Services Department, located at system headquarters in Manhattan Public Library, offers the following services for member libraries:


Member libraries can order books and other materials using Baker and Taylor’s Title Source 3 online ordering software. B & T offers member libraries generous discounts for materials, as well as the opportunity to track purchases and budgets.

Instructions to use Baker and Taylor can be found here. (in pdf format)

For help with using Title Source 3, please contact Marcia Allen at (785) 776-4741 Ext. 601, or


Cataloging and classification for library materials purchased through Baker & Taylor or from other vendors can be supplied by NCKLS. Books or materials received as gifts or already owned by member libraries may also be sent to system headquarters for cataloging and processing.OCLC is the source for cataloging. Records for all materials cataloged through NCKLS are automatically added to the Kansas Library Catalog.

Libraries may receive OCLC card sets or electronic MARC records.

In order to assure that cataloging and classification meet individual library standards, each library is required to complete a cataloging profile. Carol Barta can assist in this process.

Marlene Moormann at (785) 776-4741 Ext. 603, or provides cataloging records for the following libraries:  Axtell, Beattie, Burns, Clifton, Cottonwood Falls, Dwight, Florence, Frankfort, Hope, Vermillion, Waterville, White City, and Wilsey.

For questions about cataloging issues, please contact Carol Barta at (785) 776-4741 Ext. 801, or


Member libraries may choose to have book covers, cards, pockets, and labels added to books as needed. This allows libraries to receive materials in shelf-ready format.

Fees for cataloging and processing differ based on service and library type. Please contact Carol Barta at (785)776-4741 Ext. 801, or


We also offer processing, circulation and mending supplies to member libraries at a substantial discount. Please contact Denise Coon at (785)776-4741 Ext. 806, or

For the current price list click here.

Questions about any of these services can be directed to Carol Barta at (785)776-4741 Ext. 801, or

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