Supplies and Equipment

From processing supplies to our pop-up canopy, check out these resources that NCKLS offers

Please note that some resources may require advanced appointments or reservations.

Supplies / Materials

We offer processing, circulation, and mending supplies to member libraries at a substantial discount. Please contact Krystal at (785) 776-4741 Ext. 808, or

Delivery by USPS, Courier, or Book Van depending on size and quantity of items ordered.

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Vendor Discounts

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(Scroll to the bottom of the page to find discount amounts and discount codes for each vendor)

Supplies discounts are subject to change. Please contact LYRASIS Member Services for the most up to date pricing and information.

Equipment / Resources

Professional Collection

We have a wide range of Professional Resources for directors, board members, and staff to help you better serve your community.

Search the NorCat catalog for the NCKLS Professional Collection


Available categories are: Animals, Cards, Miscellaneous, People, Seasonal, Sports, and Transportation

To place an order, contact or call 1-800-432-2796 x804

You will need to send the paper to us, and we will make the die-cuts you ordered and we’ll send them back to you.


Bring your paper and cut here, or check out a cartridge to use at your convenience.
We can send cartridges out on courier, or be hand delivered by Book Van staff.

Cartridges available to checkout:
My Community
Best Images of 2010
Best Images of 2009
Best Images of 2008
Best Images of 2007
Accent Essentials
Plantin SchoolBook

Individual images and full cartridges are also available as downloads on the Cricut website!


Check out this canopy to use for an event at your library.
Weights included.

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