Youth Services

We offer support to our member libraries in planning and implementing services to children and young adults. Sandy Wilkerson is the Youth Consultant, available at (1-800-432-2796 ext. 804) or by e-mail at swilkerson.

Services offered:

“Friendly Monsters” storytime kit

Collection development, weeding, and programming assistance

Children’s & Young Adult policy consulting

Checkout Story Time Kits, and Maker Kits. (Kits are currently unavailable.)


Professional collection Children’s & Youth Services books available for checkout to individual libraries

The 2019 Summer Reading Program Workshop with Will Stuck

Annual workshops: Summer Reading Program workshop and Fall Youth workshop related to Children’s & Young Adult services

Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) assistance:
Every year, the CSLP produces a national reading program that spans early literacy through adults around a particular theme. Libraries may order posters, bookmarks, reading logs, completion certificates and other basic marketing supplies from NCKLS each fall. Materials are typically delivered in February/March at or around the annual Summer Reading Program Workshop.
Each library receives a programming manual that provides all kinds of craft, program, kickoff and other ideas around the theme. The manual comes in many formats including; DVD,USB, on-line and print. Libraries can also order additional incentives (water bottles, pins, t-shirts) with the annual theme through CSLP by signing up for a free account. Each library pays for any additional incentives.

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NCKLS has the following die-cuts available for system libraries. To place an order, contact or call 1-800-432-2796 x804

Summer Reading Resources

Summer Reading Program Evaluation

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Kansas Reads to Preschoolers

Kansas Reads to Preschoolers is an annual statewide program sponsored by the State Library of Kansas that promotes reading to all Kansas children from birth through age five. Parents, librarians, and caregivers are encouraged to read the chosen title during the month of November.

Programming Ideas

Programming Kits

Our programming kits provide the materials needed for running a program with children of a variety of ages.

Public & School Library Collaborations