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Makerspace Kits

NCKLS’s Maker Kits contain projects and books that provide libraries with the opportunity to experiment with the Maker Space movement.

The included materials create four or five different projects for an experience-based program where teens and tweens learn how different things work and can try their hands at creating something new, like a robot or electric playdough. Check out a Maker Kit Here.

How does it work?

  • Kits are checked out for 2 months
  • Kits can only be checked out to libraries
  • All materials in the kits must be returned to NCKLS (with the exception of the Mini Weapons Kit and the Break It reMake It Kit)
  • Courier, van, or mail can be used to transfer the kit
  • Request a kit
  • If you have questions, contact Sandy at 1-800-432-2796 ext. 804 or by e-mail at swilkerson.

To find out what kits are available, check Verso, call, or email.

Makerboxes: Maker Programs in a Box

As presented at the YALSA Symposium 2016:
Makerboxes: Maker Programs in a Box
Makerboxes Presentation Script

#1 Robot Makerspace Kit

Robot KitKit Includes:

  • Make: SpinBot
  • 4M: Techno Robot
  • Smithsonian: Robo-Spider
  • 4M: Box Robot
  • OWI: 7 in 1 Space Fleet

Books Included: Revolution 19; Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong; Cinder; Mila 2.0; Camilla D’errico’s Burn; Etiquette & Espionage; Welcome to Your Awesome Robot; Robotics: Discover the Science & Technology of the Future with 20 Projects

#2 Circuit Makerspace Kit

Circuit Kit

Kit Includes:

  • MaKey MaKey
  • Squishy Circuits
  • Electronic Snap Circuits
  • LilyPad Arduino

Books Included: Ashes; Jolted: Newton Starker’s Rules for Survival; Squishy Circuits; Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25; Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning; Make: Electronics: Learn by Discovery; Make: Wearable Electronics: Tools and Techniques for Prototyping Interactive Wearables


#3 Solar Makerspace Kit

Solar KitKit Includes:

  • Greenex DIY Amazing Solar Eco-House
  • Thames & Kosmos Solar Mechanics
  • Super Deluxe Solar Educational Kit
  • Snap Circuits Green – Alternative Energy Kit

Books Included:  A Million Suns; Black Hole Sun; Every Soul a Star; Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow; Sunshine; The Age of Miracles; The Battle of the Sun

#4 Mini Weapons Makerspace Kit

Mini Weapons Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Materials necessary for creating mini weapons
  • Tools necessary for creating mini weapons

Books Included: Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build Implements of Spitball Warfare; Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 3: Build Siege Weapons of the Dark Ages; Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction Targets: Plus 5 New Miniweapons; The Art of the Catapult: Build Greek Ballistae, Roman Onagers, English Trebuchets, and More Ancient Artillery; Paintball Punk; Point-Blank Paintball; Tomorrow, When the War Began

#5 Builder Makerspace Kit


  • K’Nex
  • Battat Krinkles
  • Fiddlestix
  • Tumble Tree Timbers
  • Cross Platform Connectors

Books Included: National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia; Cathedral; Lonely Planet Not-for-Parents the Real Wonders of the World; The Unofficial Lego Builder’s Guide; The Mythic Bestiary: The Illustrated Guide to the World’s Most Fantastical Creatures; The Lego Ideas Book; The Story of Buildings: From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House & Beyond

LEGO Makerspace Kits

There are 2 LEGO kits based on LEGO donations from the Association for Library Services to Children (ALSC) and LEGO Systems, Inc.


#9 LEGO (Transportation) Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Approximately 5,000 LEGO pieces
  • Lay-n-Go play mat & bag
  • 5 building mats

Books Included: The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide; The Lego Build-It Book: Amazing Vehicles

#10 LEGO Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Approximately 5,000 LEGO pieces
  • Lay-n-Go play mat & bag
  • 5 building mats

Books Included: The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide; The Lego Neighborhood Book: Build Your Own Town!

#14 Breakout EDU Makerspace Kit

Kit Includes:

  • 4 digit number lock
  • 3 digit number lock
  • Directional lock
  • 2 extra letter lock bands
  • 1 key
  • Letter lock
  • Key lock
  • Hint Cards
  • Zipper box
  • Latch box
  • Other necessary materials to complete a Breakout event

Sample Breakout program included.

#15 Rube Goldberg Kit

Rube Goldberg Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Varied everyday items:
    • wood
    • cowbells
    • marbles
    • dominoes
    • straws
    • rubber bands
    • pulleys
    • toy cars
    • craft sticks
    • twine
    • duct tape
    • catapult
    • balls
    • etc.
  • Mouse Trap Game

Books Included: Ruby Goldberg’s Bright Ideas, Gizmos and Gadgets: Creating Science Contraptions that work (& knowing why), How Machines Work

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