Sphero Color Maze Challenge

sphero-chariotWith the final Fall Youth Workshop fast approaching, I thought I’d share a short video of some of the fun system librarians had coding Sphero.
sphero-danceThe final workshop will take place at the Emporia Public Library on Friday, September 23 from 10:00 to 12:00. It’s not too late to register.

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Talk Like a Pirate Day–September 19th


Planning to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day at your library? Check out these program ideas:

And, don’t forget that you can learn to speak Pirate using Mango Languages on the Kansas State Library website!

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Gum Ball Poetry Station Idea

poemCari (@myschoollibrary) from the Centered School Library tweeted a fabulous Pin recently. It was of this wonderful gumball machine that had been transformed into a poem dispenser.

She started an intense search to see how cheaply she could find a gumball machine that would really work. These are available for sale on amazon (and probably other places).Less than a week later she had a vending machine filled with jokes and riddles in the library! She was able to make the machine free spin so it can be used without quarters. She also keeps a jar out for students to recycle the capsules.

She hopes to mix up the content of the machine to try poetry, book recommendations, Dewey number suggestions, or trivia questions.

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7 Inspiring Mobile Libraries

Here are 7 mobile libraries. Some of them were temporary projects and some are still going strong. From book bicycles and camels to DIY bookmobiles, mobile libraries are a great way to connect people and grow communities around a love of reading.Camelback

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Good Idea Grants @ Vermillion and Burns

Even though they didn’t make it into the newsletter, I wanted to share these fantastic pictures from the Vermillion Public Library Barn Quilt event. Vermillion 1 Vermillion 2Vermillion 4 Vermillion 6 Vermillion 7 Vermillion 3   Vermillion 8  Vermillion 5

And these of the Burns community making their own games at the Burns Public Library.

20160628_17233920160727_101747  20160727_104307  20160727_104604


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Another Pokémon Go Post

Pokemon go podcastI know, I know. . . You may be getting tired of hearing about Pokémon Go. But, if your patrons are still interested, I found some more resources for you.

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More Pokémon Go Program Ideas

Are your patrons still clamoring for Pokémon Go?

I keep receiving more Pokémon Go programming ideas. Rather than keep adding them to my previous post, I decided to collect them here.


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Make Your Library a Pokémon Go Gym!

header-pokemonWant to get in on the Pokémon go craze, but your library isn’t a site?

You can request that Niantic, the game’s creator, designate your library as either a PokéStop or a PokéGym. To make a request, follow this link Pokémon Go Help and fill in the relevant information.

If your library already is a PokéStop or PokéGym and you want some ideas for programs, tips on how to play, or fun display ideas, check out my post from last week Pokémon Go and Libraries.

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Pokémon Go and Libraries

Have you noticed your patrons playing Pokémon Go?

Pokemon Go Poster

If you haven’t, you will. Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game you can play using a smart phone. It released on Friday, July 8th, and is already a huge sensation.

You want more information about the game and how you can use it in your library, check out these articles:

And here’s a simple, yet interactive, display idea from Jessi Brown the Technical Services Supervisor of the Huntington City-Township Public Library:
PG Display


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NCKLS Programming Kits


 They’re fun!


 They’re easy to use!

 Sage Robin

 They’re free!

Want to learn more about the Programming Kits NCKLS circulates to libraries?

Check out this short video: NCKLS Programming Kits.


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