FREE SRP Webinars

In case you missed the fun at our recent Summer Reading Program workshop, there’s still a chance to get good programming ideas and information on featured books for the early literacy, children’s and teen programs for 2013.

The Collaborative Summer Library Program and exclusive vendor Upstart, created two webinars that you can watch on demand.  You can also direct staff/volunteers to them for an introduction to the programming manual and lots of theme ideas.  These are completely free and available to any Kansas public library.

To access the webinars, you must be logged into the CSLP website.  If you don’t have an account, simply create one here.  If you’ve ordered promotional materials for past reading programs from Upstart, then you (or your library) already have an account.

You can also try directly accessing the webinars page here, but will still need to log in with your account info.  Once you click on the webinar you want to view, you’ll be asked to register to view the content, but it’s just a simple form so the CSLP can track usage of the archived versions.

These are well done webinars that provide a great overview of key manual content.  The speaker is the programming manual editor, so she really knows her stuff!

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