Trustee Standards

Library Service Levels

GatewayFewer than 500 People
Linking500–1,000 People
Service Center I1,000–2,500 People
Service Center II2,500–10,000 People
Major Service Center I10,000–25,000 People
Major Service Center II25,000–100,000 People
Major Resource CenterMore than 100,000 People

These standards relate to levels of service and are not limited by population.
The population range serves as a guideline only.


The Kansas Public Library Standards are intended to help libraries measure their current level of library service, and to help them improve programs, collections and information access. The standards are also meant to be used as a planning tool for future development in Kansas public libraries.

The Kansas Public Library Standards contain goals for libraries that reflect high, but reasonable and attainable, levels of library service, while recognizing the contributions that public libraries currently make to the lives of Kansas citizens and to the vitality of Kansas communities.

The standards presented here were developed with normal operating conditions in mind.
For guidance on library services during a pandemic, libraries should contact their regional library system.

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