Tech Tuesday 6/11/2013

“I downloaded a program, I unchecked all the boxes for all this extra junk and now I have something taking over my computer.”

Remember back in the day when installing a program from the internet was just simply install, next, next, next, finish? Today with so many companies attempting to track everything they can get their hands on, it’s changed the way programs should be installed. It also means it might be necessary to clean up after a program is installed. Here are a few little tips to make installing programs easier so that we can all have a safe, fun time using our computers.

It’s no longer simply unchecking the boxes. You have to read the pages that are being displayed carefully. Some will ask that you check a box that will decline a secondary download. Others will have you click a button. Read everything carefully. If you can’t get around downloading the secondary program, write down what you are downloading. It’s easy to uninstall a program. It’s a bit harder to find a file that’s been downloaded to a random folder in the middle of your terabyte hard drive.

Just because it’s the program you want doesn’t mean it’s the website you want to download it from. Be careful to choose a reputable website for downloads. I always recommend downloading from the site I have also used, however they have added versions of adware that are difficult to remove.

If you have questions, concerns or have accidently downloaded something extra give us a call and we will be more than happy to walk you through how to fix it or where to get it.

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