Get Your Preschoolers Excited about the Alphabet

Learning to recognize upper and lower case letters is essential to learning, and there are so many ways to promote this skill!

Knowing that letters are different from each other and that they are made up of shapes is one of the first steps in learning ones letters. It is also important for children to recognize that even the same letter can look different, for example upper case Q and lower case q. Figuring out that individual letters are attached to unique sounds plays a part as well.

See the links below for some fun ideas for teaching children letter recognition:

Upper Case/Lower Case Matching Activity from No Time for Flashcardsapple-find-the-letter

Find the Letter on the Apple from Adventures in Learning

Letter Builders & Magnetic Alphabet Builders from Nurturing Naters with Learning Activities at Home

Learn to Draw the Letters of [Child’s] Name from Class Angelique (Translated by Google)

Build-a-Letter Templates from Tired, Need Sleep

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from Pencils, Proverbs, Pandemonium, & Pins

Alphabet Matchup from Indulgy

Feed the Alphabet Monster from I Can Teach My Child

Feed the Alphabet Monster

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