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May 01

A Machine to Dust Books, is like a ‘waterless carwash”

Book cleaning spotlight by Library Journal, highlights an Italian-made machine, The Depulvera, as an automatic book cleaning system that dusts about 12 books per minute. It’s compact, simple to use, and can be operated in small spaces—even within stack aisles.  The Boston Public Library tweets about their use of it.  See the company website for more …

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Feb 04

Fair use of Images on you website posted an excellent article about “Can I Use That Image for My Website or Newsletter?” The article even has a link to find free images. Enjoy..

Feb 15

BroadBand Everywhere

Townhall Meeting To Discuss BroadBand High Speed Internet Access Communities thrive, grow, and attract and retain businesses when broadband high speed internet access is supported.

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Feb 01

Flickr Four by Four

“There are four Flickr rules and four ways to use Flickr” says Donna F. Ekart, Librarian and the Communications Coordinator for K-State Libraries at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.  As we are now, more than ever, needing to connect libraries with their communities, her third strategy is ” Flickr as community collection.”

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Oct 07

Shareable: Libraries Become Centers for Sharing

But we already knew this! Shareable: Libraries Become Centers for Sharing.

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