Scoring Rubric

2023 Competitive Grant Proposal Scoring Rubric

  Project represents the implementation of new insight or idea within the region with potential benefits clearly outlined. 3
  Project represents local implementation of emerging innovation or trend, with potential benefits specified. 2
  Project represents practice(s) commonplace within field, or an adoption of a change with well-established benefits. 1
  No innovation described or specific potential improvement defined. 0
  Strong need. Proposal addresses specific need(s) common among peer libraries. 3
  Need is somewhat evident in the proposal and the overall argument holds. 2
  Weak presentation of library or community need. 1
  Unconvincing or no evidence of need presented, or proposal does not address stated need. 0
  Personnel, project activities timeline, and budget expenditures align with project description and outcomes. 3
  Outcomes appear achievable but variables are present in personnel, project activities and/or budget expectations. 2
  Weakness in personnel, project activities, timeline and budget plan.    Outcomes unlikely to be achieved in project’s current form. 1
  Insufficient information given about personnel, project activities and budget. 0
  Clear picture of how data will be collected and used to demonstrate degree to which outcomes are met. 3
  Good understanding of anticipated specific results or success, but plan lacks some details about data or methods. 2
  Success difficult to ascertain, inappropriate methods, or lack of useful data collection. 1
  Evaluation plans missing or unusable. 0
  Evidence presented that project or its impact can be sustained locally beyond grant period, if results warrant. 3
  Project is complete, designed to end when grant ends. 2
  Plans for future are stated as assumptions without supporting arguments or evidence. 1
  No meaningful plans for future beyond funding term appear in proposal. 0
Prior Funding
  Library has never applied for nor received competitive grant funds. 3
  Library has applied but never received competitive grant funding. 2
  Library received competitive grant funding several years ago. 1
  Library received competitive grant funding last year. 0
Total Score
Recommend Funding? Yes Partial: $ Not at this time
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