Scoring Rubric

Competitive Grant Proposal Scoring Rubric

Criterion4 Exemplary3 Adequate1 Needs Improvement0 Insufficient EvidenceComments/Notes
InnovationProject represents the implementation of new insight or idea within the region, with potential benefits clearly outlined. Project represents local implementation of emerging innovation or trend, with potential benefits specified.Project represents practice(s) commonplace within field, or an adoption of a change with well-established benefits.No innovation described or specific potential improvement defined. 
JustificationStrong rationale and significance of proposed work. Addresses specific need(s) common among peer libraries.Rationale or significance of project tends toward the too-specific or too- general, but overall argument holds.Weak presentation of library or community need.Unconvincing or no evidence of need presented, or grant proposal does not address stated need. 
FeasibilityPersonnel, project activities timeline, and budget expenditures align with project description and outcomes.Outcomes appear achievable but variables are present in personnel, project activities and/or budget expectations. Weakness in personnel, project activities, timeline and budget plan.    Outcomes unlikely to be achieved in project’s current form.Insufficient information given about personnel, project activities and budget. 
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