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Continuing Education Grant

Grant Application

Fill out the Continuing Education Grant to request funds for CE purposes as described in the Guidelines below.

Grant Report

Fill out the Continuing Education Grant Report after you have completed training to report your grant expenditures to NCKLS.


The importance of training and education to North Central Kansas Libraries System member libraries has been consistently recognized and expressed by member library directors and boards, system board members, staff and administration. It is fitting that NCKL provide financial support for System personnel who want to take advantage of educational programs.

A major library education resource is APPLE, a one year program which offers high quality library training for new library directors. The priority use of the funds will be to make available grants to NCKLS library directors who want to attend APPLE and APPLE activities. Remaining funds will be used, secondly, for KLA conference and, finally, for other library training activities.

The first priority for the use of these funds will be to make available grants for librarians who are invited to attend APPLE, the annual continuing education program for library directors conducted by the Regional Library systems. The amount may cover all or any part of tuition, room and board.

Funds remaining in the Continuing Education Grant budget following final action on all APPLE applications will be used for assistance to member libraries to attend KLA conference. Lastly, we will consider Other Applications to workshops or conferences which would benefit the library.

Details for KLA and Other events are listed below.

For Kansas Library Association Conference:


  • Must be staff [or trustee] of member library.
  • Applications must be received 4 weeks prior to event


  • Applicants who have not attended Tri-Conference or KLA Conference
  • Applicants whose library boards have agreed to arrange for coverage of library duties and to reimburse travel expenses
  • Applicants who are members of a sponsoring organization (KLA, KASL, KAECT, KLTA)


  • Pre-conference and meal fees not included (for pre-conferences, see Open applications below)

Will pay:

  • Registration for entire conference (at pre-registration, member rate)

Library Continuing Education Events Sponsored by Other Agencies:


  • Must be staff [or trustee] of member library
  • Applications must be received 4 weeks prior to event
  • NCKLS may attach to the grant award the condition that the recipient will provide a report, written or oral, on the event to system members, board, or staff


  • Applicants who have not received grants for continuing education in the past 12 months
  • Applicants whose libraries have agreed to pay part of the expenses for attendance
  • Applications accompanied by a letter of support from the supervisor (or board, in the case of the director) which includes a description of the library’s financial support for attendance


  • One grant per library per year
  • One grant per individual every two years

Will pay:

  • Full or partial cost of registration

Other Criteria:
Applications will be funded based on:

  • Relevance of the event to applicant’s work
  • Relative level of support from applicant’s library
  • Availability of funds

CE Grant Application

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