Technology Grant

Fill out the Technology Grant Application to request funds for technology purposes as described in the Guidelines below.


Legally established public libraries in taxing counties are encouraged to apply annually for Technology Grants to meet the state standards for automation and technology. NCKLS will pay 100% of the cost of projects up to $1000.  Libraries are responsible for any remaining costs.

Funds may be used to update software and hardware to support or improve access, to online resources and state-wide collections, automation, cabling, wiring and expansion of Internet services. Technology Grants may also be used for start-up platforms and licensing for eBook collections.

Application and reporting requirements

  1. Libraries must use the online Technology Grant application form below. Requests made by phone, letter or other format will not be considered.
  2. All libraries that apply must have a completed annual grant agreement on file with the system that is signed by the Library Director and the Board President. 
  3. Consult with IT Staff regarding technology pricing/estimates or other quotes. Provide supporting documentation for the items you intend to purchase with the grant funds.  Supporting documentation may include a quote, pricing from online resources or other retailers, etc.  The grant application is not complete until a quote from NCKLS staff or other cost/pricing information is received.  Supporting documentation may be scanned/emailed, faxed or mailed to the NCKLS office to the attention of NCKLS IT department. 
  4. Reporting information gathered on NCKLS annual survey due in February after the grant is received.
  5. Applications accepted until November 15th.

Technology Grant Application

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