Makerspace Kits

Builder Kit

Books Included:  Cathedral; The Unofficial Lego Builder’s Guide; The Lego Ideas Book; The Story of Buildings: From the Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House & Beyond

Circuit Kit

Books Included: Ashes; Jolted: Newton Starker’s Rules for Survival; Squishy Circuits; Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25; Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning; Make: Electronics: Learn by Discovery; Make: Wearable Electronics: Tools and Techniques for Prototyping Interactive Wearables

Solar Kit

Transportation Kit

Books Included: The Unofficial LEGO Builder’s Guide; The Lego Build-It Book: Amazing Vehicles.

LEGO Makerspace Kits

Breakout EDU Kit

Sample Breakout program included.

Rube Goldberg Kit

Books Included: Ruby Goldberg’s Bright Ideas, Gizmos and Gadgets: Creating Science Contraptions that work (& knowing why), How Machines Work.

NCKLS Makerspace Kits

What are they and How Do they work?

What are Makerspace Kits?

NCKLS’s Maker Kits contain projects and books that provide libraries with the opportunity to experiment with the Maker Space movement.

The included materials create four or five different projects for an experience-based program where teens and tweens learn how different things work and can try their hands at something new.

How do they work?

  • Kits are checked out for 2 months
  • Kits can only be checked out to libraries
  • All materials in the kits must be returned to NCKLS
  • Courier, van, or mail can be used to transfer the kit

Contact for Questions

Jan Johnson


Library Services Consultant

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