Rotating Book Collection

The Rotating Book Collection provides public libraries in the NCKLS region who participate in the service with the regular loan of library materials.  Libraries receive books six times per year, up to 350 books total, to supplement their collection.  The collection is weeded and replenished constantly. Materials fall into these categories: 

  • Popular Fiction genres
  • Popular Non-fiction genres
  • Spanish language
  • Large Print books
  • Children’s Books
  • Young Adult Books
  • Braille Books

Materials provided by NCKLS are intended to supplement the collections of the participating libraries.  These materials are not to be a substitute for the participating library purchasing and maintaining a primary collection of library materials that meets the needs of the community. 

Participating Library Responsibility:

  • Member libraries agree to provide a secure location; to include an indoor environment, humidity controlled.
  • Member libraries agree to provide shelving for library books separate from the local collection.
  • Member libraries agree to establish regular hours for community to access the collection
  • Member libraries agree to designate a volunteer that is responsible for checking out books to the community, to communicate with NCKLS staff and available for scheduled delivery dates.
  • Member libraries agree to provide 2 contact names for the collection with email and phone numbers of volunteers or staff that are responsible for the rotating collection.
  • Member libraries agree to make reasonable efforts for the return of NCKLS books loaned to registered borrowers. In the event of loss or damage to materials, the participating library will contact NCKLS staff. 

Member libraries in non-taxing counties are charged a service fee for the delivery and use of the NCKLS Rotating Collection. 

Failure to abide by these conditions may result in revocation of the rotating books service in a community. 

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