Programming Grant

Fill out the Programming Grant to request funds for programming purposes as described in the Guidelines below.


NCKLS will grant:

  • Amount – $300 per year
  • Purpose – To help libraries provide engaging and enriching programs to their communities
  • Schedule – libraries may apply anytime during the year up until November 15th.  Applications will be reviewed and awarded in 30 days.  Funds must be spent or encumbered by the date specified by the NCKLS Business Manager in early December.
  • Application process – as outlined in the annual agreement. In addition, complete a program grant application.  NCKLS staff will review and approve or consult with the library if not approved.
  • Reporting requirements – report how the library used the funds on the 2021 NCKLS annual report.  Receipts for purchases are not required.
  • Applications accepted until November 15th.

Programming Grant Application

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