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Technology Help

Whether you’re ready to purchase new computers or you just need some help using them, NCKLS has you covered.

Technology Consulting

Librarians and boards may call on system staff for advice and assistance in all areas of library technology, governance, administration, and operation. In addition to providing and coordinating consultant services, the staff share responsibility for planning workshops and continuing education opportunities for system members.

Technology Consultant (Duane Mayer)
Assistant Technology Consultant (Kim Scaler)
Technology Trainer (LaDonna Clark)

Technology Training

Technology Training is a service provided by NCKLS for the system libraries. We are equipped with a portable computer lab where we can bring the training to your library; all you need is space.

Training Schedule

Course NameDate
Training is temporarily on hold

Extra Tech Resources

Tips & Tricks

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How to use the Snipping Tool in Windows Operating System
5 Tips using Google Chrome
Excel Formulas
Library Extensions

How to make a Sticky Post
How to Expire a Post
WordPress Visual Editor
Updating use the Menu Bar in WordPress
Adding Images in WordPress
Adding  YouTube Videos in WordPress

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms backup and restore your form

Available Training Resources

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