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2023 Competitive Grant Guidelines

The NCKLS Executive Board is pleased to announce a competitive grant program for libraries in taxing counties.  Applicants will be scored by a subcommittee including NCKLS staff and member library representatives that will not be applying (if available) using the attached rubric.  Libraries should customize their applications based on the criteria listed in the rubric and be prepared to put their best effort into their applications since they will be competing with other NCKLS libraries of various size and service area.  The purpose of this grant fund is to fully distribute budgeted grant dollars to qualifying NCKLS libraries, to enhance library services, tackle issues with aging infrastructure and increase innovation across the region.   

Identified Areas of Need

  • Facilities maintenance, renovation and construction projects that significantly improve the library’s interior or exterior
    • Projects to alter the interior of the library – or a section of the library to refresh and enhance the space for the public including paint, landscaping that relates to programming or new services (like a children’s garden), shelving, carpet, windows, lighting, other flooring, plumbing, heating/AC, ADA compliance, etc. This could also include renovation or addition of outdoor programming spaces, adding dedicated spaces for children/youth, a mural project to attract visitors to the library and community, etc.
  • Furniture and fixtures that make the library more flexible, digital-friendly and welcoming space
    • Examples include: Replacing older tables with flexible pieces that move with patrons, enhancements that allow access to the WIFI including tables/chairs with electrical outlets or charging stations, group workstations that allow small group work with a tabletop whiteboard or a tablet.
  • Marketing services that reach new audiences or promote new services
    • Examples include: Graphic design services for new or enhanced library branding within the community, one-time advertising campaign funds to promote new resources within the community, promotion of the Kansas library ecard in areas where digital adoption is low or to increase the reach of the library’s digital materials or other programs/services.


  • Exhaust all budgeted grant funds to libraries in designated areas of need annually.
  • Ensure libraries have access to some funding beyond smaller grants that have a maximum of $1,000.
  • Increase the ability of our libraries to make infrastructure enhancements, be innovative and add new services.

Grant Amounts

Annually, we assess the funds in the budget and the areas of need to determine a minimum and maximum amount for various competitive grants.  We will target grants from $5,000 – $10,000 per library in 2023. 

Annual Timeline

July 15 - Grant Opens, Applications Accepted

The Competitive Grant Application period opens

September 15 - Grant closes 5pm

The Competitive Grant application will be due

November 1 - Grant Awarded

Grants will be awarded and checks issued

November 2023-April 2024 Project Completion

November - April of the following year the project must be completed

May 15 - Project Report Complete 5pm

The project reporting but be completed by May 15

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